Company Presentation

Seiktron is an international Consulting Company, located in Florida, USA, and offering services worldwide. Major focus is on electrical systems, apparatus, devices, with emphasis on electrical insulation, but nor only.

The Company relies upon the support of an international team of academia and industry experts and infrastructures to carry on the projects.

Problems of materials, aging, diagnostics, health conditions, reliability, operation in any type of electrical assets, from generation to transmission, from distribution to utilization, from automotive to aerospace and, in general, transportation electrifications are challenges that Seiktron would love to face.

Seiktron expertise spans from base research and science to applications, having focus on problem solving.



The main purpose of the consultancy package offered by Seiktron is to make available knowledge and experience of a team of university and industrial high-level technological experts and scientists to develop projects in the area of new materials, diagnostics, condition monitoring, life estimation and extension of electrical apparatus.

Various factors are rising the need to care of electrical assets in terms of life and reliability, such as energy market, aging of the fleet of electrical apparatus in most of the assets, life extension and safety concerns. New challenges come from transportation electrification and optimization of industrial processes that involve significant amount of power displaced DC and power electronics, not anymore just AC. Renewables, hybrid grids echoes the same conditions of assets where the supply voltage is all but sinusoidal AC.

Increasing the specific power, reducing all the costs associated with energy production and delivery, as well as in industrial processes and trasnportation, and increasing the value of return of investments, besides the overall reduced capability to invest in new electrical apparatus, are driving forces to change the paradigm to the management of electrical assets, thatis, redundancy of apparatus and capability to replace any apparatus in potential danger of breakdown. In addition, the environment in which electrical apparatus are nowadays working is much more harsh than in the past: AC/DC conversion, power electronics, transients, renewables and distributed generation pose are a threat to electrical apparatus life, which can bring apparatus sub-components, particularly electrical insulation, to fail well before the expected design life.

Diagnostics and condition monitoring are, thus, advanced tools which allow the condition of any electrical apparatus to be assessed, as a function of time and events affecting the electrical asset, and provide a feedback to asset managers in order to plan operation, maintenance and achieve life extension of apparatus at the lowest cost.

The team coordinated by international university professors, can drive into the investigation, design, installation, operation, data collection and maintenance decision maintenance and asset manager, electrical apparatus manufacturers, industrial plant operators and any professional involved in the energy production, transmission, delivery and utilization of electrical energy.

The major emphasis is in global monitoring, that is, the capability to put together all diagnostic information that can establish the overall conditions of electrical apparatus, avoiding outages and caring of safety issues. Also, providing a clear and univocal message to the asset/maintenance manager about the health conditions of each electrical apparatus/equipment in the assed is a fundamental issue to prompt decisions and actions.

In addition, the team has competence to deal with new materials (including nanostructured polymers, electroactive polymers, magnetic materials and superconductors), problems of asset management, network operation, distributed power generation, renewable technologies, statistics and life modelling at any level of voltage.

In general, contribution to innovation in the electrical energy field is the mission of the consultancy team.



Present and past cooperation involve companies as Prysmian (Italy and US), EPRI (US), Boeing (US), GERI and Thyssenkrupp (Germany), GNOSYS (UK), COL (Italy), and universities as Bologna (Italy), Southampton (UK) and Florida State (USA).

Most significant past and undergoing projects

  • Feasibility evaluation of UHVDC polymeric cables
  • Investigation of aging and life models under non-sinusoidal waveforms (transients, DC, ripple).
  • Switchboard monitoring diagnostics
  • Measurement of diagnostic quantities under AC, DC and power electronics
  • Definition of health index in electrical apparatus and residual life estimation
  • DC cable design
  • Insulation development and design in automotive
  • Insulation development and design in aerospace
  • Harmonic impact on HV power modules rel




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