Seiktron is a team of international consultants with expertise in the design, modeling and testing of dielectric materials. We have extensive experience in aging and life models for dielectrics used in traditional and renewable electric power generation, T&D, industrial plants, and electrified transportation, including electric vehicles, airplanes and ships. We perform partial discharge testing and conduct health assessments of insulating materials under high electric stress.


Seiktron’s unique upbringing in the academic world allows us to be on the cutting edge of partial discharge detection. Our multi-year academic and industrial experience has facilitated the development of advanced diagnostic detectors that we are proud to bring to our clients.

Recent Projects

  • DC Cable Design
  • Partial Discharge Measurements Under DC Voltage Transients
  • Evaluation of Insulation Aging Caused by Converter Harmonics
  • Materials and Feasibility of UHVDC Polymeric Cables
  • Materials and Design for MV Insulation Systems of Electric Vehicle Motors
  • Advanced Algorithms for Partial Discharge Processing, Separation, Recognition, and Identification
  • Diagnostic Monitoring Systems for MV Switchboards
  • HVDC Cable Laboratory Testing


  • EPRI
  • Prysmian
  • Thyssen
  • COL
  • Gnosys
  • Hepburn & Sons.